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Elite Hair International is a specialist hair reconstruction provider founded in 1991 by Isabelle Anglade. In a competitive market, we differentiate ourselves by reconciling technical performance, aesthetics and price competitiveness. We offer our know-how and our hair passion by developing for more than 30 years customized solutions for women and men facing hair loss.

Our products

Volume +
Hair Care

Our range of Wigs is appreciated by professionals in France and abroad for the quality, style and colors trends of our creations.

We put the highest care in the selection of natural hair and the very high quality of our synthetic hair is the result of advanced technology. The construction of our wigs offers an incomparable support and naturalness.


Our volum enhancers are hair pieces that integrate and blend into your hair to put you more density, not to be confused with hair extensions. It’s the only technique that brings you density to the root.

In natural hair or synthetic hair, VOLUME + is implanted by hand on an very fine filet and brings you the amount of hair you want. Ultra-light, fusion and aesthetic, the capillary volumizer sits on top of your head. VOLUME + adapts to your hair. The choice of fixation (with clips, without clip, micro-cylinders) depends on your lifestyle, your needs.


Dermofusion is a non-surgical technique that helps you regain hair. It is not a graft, nor a wig, it is an invisible hair supplements, fused to your scalp, that respond to the hair loss of women and men.

Dermofusion hair recreates the natural look of your hair. This technique is painless. We select the natural hair adapted to your needs according to their color, curl, texture and density. They are then meticulously implanted, one by one, in thin membrane, the thickness of a contact lens.

We fuse it to the scalp with a synthetic resin, renewed every month for perfect hygiene. We take care to study every detail to ensure a perfect fit, an invisible result and a realistic touch.


We also offer a wide range of products and accessories essential to the maintenance of our hair pieces and the techniques practiced in the institute. From the care of onco-cosmetics to the care of wigs and attachments for our hair pieces, we have everything you need!




Thanks to its human and professional approach, Elite Hair International is an essential partner for any professional who wants to become a hair specialist. The ethics and savoir-être of the Elite Hair group are now recognized by all healthcare professionals. If you are willing to discover our collection in a deeper way and receive our prices, do not hesitate to reach us at export@elite-hair.com or danielle@elite-hair.com


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